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Brian Walitt MD MPH is an assistant professor of medicine at Georgetown University. His research interest is fibromyalgia and associated autoperceptual disorders where he is both published and funded.

Dr. Walitt has received several intramural and pharmaceutical research grants in the areas of fibromyalgia. He was selected as a Centocor Health Outcomes in Rheumatic Disease fellow. He was awarded an American College of Rheumatology Research and Education Foundation Clinical Investigator Fellowship Award for his work with postmenopausal hormone therapy in rheumatic disease. He is currently a co-investigator in the Women’s Health Initiative and an active investigator for the Cochrane review. He is a member of the OMERACT fibromyalgia committee. He has performed several investigator-initiated studies in fibromyalgia using neuroimaging techniques and neuropsychological instruments. He is also actively involved with pharmaceutical trials for the treatment of fibromyalgia. He was most recently awarded the American College of Rheumatology Investigator Award for his study entitled ‘The effects of exercise therapy on brain function in fibromyalgia’.

Recent NDB research Recent NDB research

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Wolfe F, Hassett AL, Walitt B, Michaud K. Mortality in fibromyalgia: An 8,186 patient study over 35 years. Arthrit Care Res. 2011:63(1):94. PubMed link