Data entry methods for FORWARD questionnaires

PAPER QUESTIONNAIRE: The easiest option for use in the clinic. After completion of forms by patients, they can be scored by the physician or physician's staff and/or mailed to FORWARD in postage paid envelopes, or faxed to FORWARD for automatic scoring. The data is then reported back to the physician within minutes in a longitudinal flow sheet format that incorporates all of the patient's previous data. Click here to see faxback report.

Questionnaires can also be scored by rheumatologists themselves for immediate use in the clinic. If forwarded to FORWARD, data will be entered into a longitudinal data bank for use by the rheumatologist.

DIRECT INTERNET ENTRY: All questionnaires are available through the web for easy data entry.

OFF-LINE ELECTRONIC ENTRY: All questionnaires are available as programmed PDF forms

Please note: All of these forms are HIPAA compliant and have been approved by IRBs.