Over the next six months we will be introducing some changes to the NDB website.

We’re going to make it easier to get your online questionnaire, monitor your progress as you work on it, and let you update your contact information at any time.

We will ask a small group of you to help us test this before we open it up to everyone for the July questionnaire.

Here are the main things to look for:

  • Instead of a complicated link by email or having to ask us for your “Patkey”, you will visit the website and sign in with your email address and a password of your choosing. You will be able to update your contact information online whenever you want, instead of contacting our office during our office hours.
  • Eventually you will be able to record important medical events and medication changes whenever you want, instead of trying to remember them six months later when you fill out the questionnaire.
  • You will need to choose a password and confirm your email address the first time you visit the site. This is an added convenience feature that also protects your privacy.

We will contact you by email when the changes are ready. Please let us know of any ideas you have for improving the website.