One year ago with the help of the Arthritis Foundation we began to recruit patients with rheumatic diseases into the Arthritis Internet Registry [AIR). After one year we're about to enroll our 1000th participant!

We are also updating and modifying our online questionnaires to be smarter and shorter. We will soon begin testing ideas to both improve the quality of our research and help you better manage your health. This will include creating an online medication diary, use of very short questionnaires (1 to 5 questions) that can be answered online or with your phone during flares or important medical events, and an online login system where you can see how your health changes over time.

The other important and completely optional aspect of AIR is the collection of a blood sample from a local Quest Diagnostics laboratory site. Combining blood tests with results from our questionnaires, we hope to discover biological reasons for why some treatments work better and some are more toxic to an individual.

So far this has only been offered to participants in AIR, but now we'd like to open this up to all NDB participants. If you are interested in donating a blood sample, please contact Kimberly Harp by email at: or by phone at 1-800-323-5871 ext. 143.