Betty has been working with Dr. Wolfe for over 30 years and has been around to see the very beginning of the NDB, which Dr. Wolfe first started with the patients he saw in his clinic.

Betty has had many jobs at the NDB and with the clinic, from being the Lab and Xray Director during clinic hours to currently the Xray/Lab Specimen Director and Research Assistant with the NDB. She is the person who processes all of the consent and clinic forms that we receive from various clinics throughout the United States. She makes sure that we get the new enrollees entered into the NDB and she also comes across some participants that we had lost through the years that have rejoined to participate again. She also works with certain clinics to obtain xray and other clinic data to incorporate with the 6-month questionnaire data that is used in various research projects.

Betty keeps herself busy when not at work by hiking in the mountains, riding bicycles and is on her city’s Park and Tree Board.