Latest Research from AIR

Dr. Robert Plenge at the Harvard Medical School received a grant from the BROAD Institute and the Arthritis Foundation for his project: Genomic Analysis in the AIR Cohort. His project used some of the biospecimen collected along with the data from the questionnaires as an opportunity to show a new way for comparing the genetic data to laboratory data results from Quest Diagnostics and clinical data results from the questionnaires. The project was able to show that this is one of the new ways to collect patient samples for discovery genomics research and next- generation patient registries.

Quest Diagnostics is currently working with Dr. Kaleb Michaud and the NDB on another study using the blood samples to look at a specific biomarker that may be used to spot RA before symptoms arise.

By combining the data collected in the 6-month questionnaires, they are also testing to see if this new biomarker can identify if medication is actually working to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

AIR is a partnership between leading academic researchers, the Arthritis Foundation and Quest Diagnostics. The main researchers and advisors working on and supporting AIR are the following:

Kaleb Michaud, PhD

NDB and the University of Nebraska Medical Center

Robert Plenge, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Stanley J. Naides, MD

Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute

John Vernachio, PhD

Arthritis Foundation