FORWARD—The National Data Bank for Rheumatic DiseasesLongitudinal Observation Study:

FORWARD—The National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases is a world-renowned, non-profit, independent research group, whose mission is to improve rheumatic disorder outcomes and care by providing research information to doctors and to people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, or other related problems. FORWARD has an extensive published research library that is fueled by over 10,000 people who every 6 months fill out questionnaires on their specific condition(s) via our online Webquest system, or by filling out questionnaires sent by mail or by phone with a research assistant. 

This project encompasses a number of individualized projects, many of which have goals to improve prevention and treatment of specific rheumatic diseases. To see more about these projects, please see “Other Current Projects”

Enrollment into this study includes all NDB studies listed.  Physicians can also enroll their patients into the longitudinal study by having their patients complete the file found at this link: Enrollment Form for NDB Longitudinal Observation Study.pdf

If you are interested in receiving Site Enrollment forms and supplies to help enroll patients into FORWARD and the NDB project, please click here to contact us.